The culture and art of different eras are reinterpreted and preserved for generations. History is undergoing changes, and our today's world is difficult to compare with the world of antiquity, the Renaissance, or the beginning of the twentieth century. But this is only a superficial sensation distorted by everyday life. Having adjusted our view on the perception of the deep foundations of our being, we will understand that there is something permanent, not subject to time, even if on the surface we see only ancient fragments and ruins. But all the more expressive and, oddly enough, more fully they can tell us about the whole, native and familiar world, which only lurks behind time, while modern passions are raging on stage.

The view does not glide over the surface, but perceives the world as a palimpsest, in which each era preserves “cultural” layer of literary text. And we understand that history does not move linearly, that meanings and epochs overlap and live in our minds, and the artist is gifted to express this, interpret it in his own way, so that we, the audience, trusting him, can learn and love what maybe they had no idea, but now it has completely captured us.


If you are interested in cooperation, prices of the artworks or commission, please, feel free to email me! 

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